Carlitos Espinoza and Noelia Hurtado at Belgrade Tango Encuentro 2014

Two beautiful performances in this video, from one of my favourite tango couples!


Guillermo Cerneaz and Marina Kenny in Buenos Aires



Fabian and Michaela Lugo

There are a couple of figure-skater moments in this performance. See if you catch them!


International Milonga Weekend, Vienna

This well-crafted video perfectly captures what goes on at a milonga. And I don't just mean the dancing!


Bryant and Faye Lopez - How to Walk

Do you remember when you learned how to (tango) walk? I wish Bryant and Faye had been my teachers! This demo is simple, clear, and sensual. Hooray for the basics!


Anel Marron and Alexander Sossa in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This performance has it all: a poetic beginning, some salsa hip-action, and crowd-pleasing energy.

Dmitry Vasin and Esmer Omerova in Istanbul

This incredibly difficult, athletic, showy tango choreography still manages to convey connection and sensuality. Bravo!