how to dance the milonga

This is an instructional video from a private milonga lesson with Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse in Hong Kong, 2007.

Andrea says:

"Javier explained to me that his observation is that many people mistakenly dance tango steps to milonga and dance them too quickly and badly.

"He explained that the milonga is a unique dance that has African musical roots mixed in over time with Argentine folk dances. You can see elements also of Italian and even Polish folk dancing in it making it unique---perhaps the immigrant influences. Here they break down the dance with the simple double-step. Also, note the giro at :16 and :52 also 1:00, it's not like the tango giro with its "front, side, back, side" motion. Instead it's a rocking motion. They do it slowly here in an easy to follow set of movements."