Tony Fan and Ilana Rubin

Tony and Ilana perform at the Los Angeles Argentine Association Thursday night milonga. See more of their videos here. Their website is www.seattletango.com.


Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Eugenia Parrilla

A classic performance by Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Eugenia Parrilla at CITA 2005:


Rene Hellemons and Hiba Faisal

A great performance by René Hellemons and Hiba Faisal at Practilonga-939 in New York City:


Claudio Forte and Barbara Carpino

This is a nice performance by Claudio and Barbara in Barcelona. Their website is www.siracusatangofestival.com.


Stars attempting tango

Below is a clip from "Dancing with the Stars," of Melissa and Tony doing an Argentine Tango performance. It's the only routine this season that remotely resembled the tango. I was impressed. However, those of us who dance tango know that these ganchos and boleos are half-hearted, and the follow is way too high on her toes the whole time ... but in general it was a great attempt by two non-tango dancers. They deserved their high marks.


Braulio and Noelia

Braulio and Noelia do some cool nuevo improvising here.


Santiago and Deborah on sacadas

Santiago and Deborah demonstrate a cool follower's sacada in this demo. Their website is www.nuevotangovancouver.com.

To see all their class demos, go to www.youtube.com/user/TangoChino