Tango Tiger Tuesday: a review of Frank Obregon and Jenny Gil at Brussels Tango Festival 2011

Guest blogger Damian Thompson shares his review of Frank Obregon and Jenny Gil performing at the Brussels Tango Festival 2011:

Elegance personified. Immaculately presented. Amazing connection. Superb timing. Jenny and Frank dance with the music, to the music and for the music in this performance.

Immediately after their initial walk (caminata), they proceed into a back walk for Frank whilst leading Jenny in cross system swivels (0:14) alternating back and forward cross steps. Upon returning to the forward caminata Frank decorates with his left leg (0:16) in what for me reminds me immediately of Roberto Herrerra's decorations – and as clean as Roberto's!

Jenny's crisp movements to Frank's leading is superb. At 0:30 to 0:35, there is an excellent display of boleos and disassociation moving smoothly into the giro. Frank does an easy 2 foot pivot to free his right leg for the barrida (0:38) after having completed the lapiz, which in today's perfomances is quite standard.

After the two sacadas ending in the cross, most of you may miss the active following from Jenny here where she decorates to the music with small back cross steps to then enter the milonguero dip. One of the most elegant techniques in tango and most connecting as well.

Adorning her forward cross placement at 1:10 is another moment of sheer viewing pleasure with another more unusual adorno at 1:20, forward between Frank's legs.

For me, I wish the camera person had not zoomed at this point, as you loose the effect of the next sequence in their performance. The giro with the very sharp enganche is just gorgeous to another milonguero dip!

More cute combinations from Jenny and Frank at 1:58 with the cross system swivels again. This time, they are much tighter as they are not travelling the step, and again, the effect is astounding to that part of the music. Leaders, note that Frank's rear foot does 'flop' or fall to the outside. This is important for your technique and for the look of your tango.

Within 2:07 to 2:14, there are multiple things to notice: the excellent active following from Jenny matching the music again and the beautiful golpecito from Frank across his left foot back to the open step for another seamless change of direction!

The planeo with change of orientation of Jenny's free leg is superb followed by an unusual adornment from Frank. Frank's right leg continues around to touch Jenny's support foot and whilst they rise slowly, their free legs are slowly returned to the neutral position under their respective bodies. An amazing effect and sight to watch!

The variacion at the end is superb! The barrida was not quite completed to their satisfaction, but everything else in this performance is simple breathtaking IMHO. 

Beautiful combinations, pauses and musicality – bravo Frank and Jenny!!

Damian Thompson